From Russia With Lies

We hear so much about Vladimir Putin these days.  When he isn’t driving race cars and snowmobiles, he dives to the bottom of the Black Sea.  But something was off in that picture of the Russian prime minister wading out of the water with two ancient amphorae…

Please check out my essay in the New York Times Magazine:

2 Responses to “From Russia With Lies”

  1. 1 BARBARA

    Elena, I was delighted to discover your recent article in The NY Times, on Sunday, 10/23/11. As always, you have expessed yourself with clarity and amusingly. You certainly have a knack of staing the case!

  2. 2 Natalia

    Elena, while being a huge fan of your book and definitely agreeing with you on vranyo in Russia nowadays, I disagree with the notion that Putin’s constituents are mostly young people who don’t know what vranyo is. I belong to the generation of those who grew up during Perestroyka and had 4 history books in high-school in the ’90s because none of the books really told the truth. Most of my friends are disagreeing with the way things are and are seeing straight through all vranyo. It’s the people from the ’50s-’60s (our parents) who still pretend that they believe that Putin is a hero. And their pretending helps him pretend that he is feeling all their support. And so, the circle of vranyo continues. That’s the way they (people of the ’50s-’60s, including Putin) were raised. You have to pretend your way through life and through politics.

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